Huawei Modem Unlock Codes by IMEI


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Unlock Codes for the following Huawei Modems:

E173, E1732 ,E1815, E352, E353, E353Ws, E353Ws-2, E357, E362, E367, E368 E372, E5832s, E392, E398, E589, E589u-12, E589u-12 LTE & B153 Web Cube


Plus Others - If your Modem is not Listed Please Ask


Terms & Conditions


All codes are supplied on the basis that you are competent enough to reconfigure your modem (or Wi Fi device) for use with another operator. In the case of Vodafone devices it may be necessary to download the unbranded version of Huawei’s connection manager (dashboard) called Mobile Partner.


If you have not received your code within 24 hours please do check your email Spam Folder just in case!


We assume that you have not used up your unlock attempts counter by entering incorrect codes in excess of the tries counter.


Although it is a very easy task if you do not feel confident enough, then we ask you not to order a code from us but suggest taking the modem to a reputable dealer for unlocking. You can confirm that your modem is asking for a unlock code by simply inserting a non-accepted SIM card. i.e. If you have a T-Mobile modem, insert a O2 or Vodafone SIM Card.


Tools (if required):


Unbranded Mobile Partner can be found here:

Code Entry Tools:  Download

Support Website:  Go to Support Website


Ordinary USB modems:

Insert a non accepted SIM into your modem. Run Mobile Partner with modem connected and it will ask you to enter the unlock code. After entering the unlock code your modem it will be permanently unlocked. In the unlikely event you get problems use one of the code entry tools given in the link above.


Wi-Fi Devices:

Insert a non accepted SIM into your E589. You will see SIM Error on the E589 screen.


Connect to E589 to your  computer through Wi-Fi connection and open Internet Explorer then type or into your browser  this will allow you to go to the modem’s service portal and it will now be asking for you to enter the unlock code. After entering the unlock code your modem it will be permanently unlocked.


Terms & Conditions:

The codes we supply are working codes; if you have exhausted your ‘attempts counter’ then you can not use the code we give even though they are the correct codes! It is your responsibility to ensure that you have not entered excessive incorrect codes. No refunds are available in such instances.


Certain Asian networks permanently lock their modems, in particular Globe. We offer codes for such modems entirely at your risk. No refunds are available in such instances. If you are unsure then please do not order as no refunds are made available in such cases.

We have never had a code fail to unlock any given modem provided that the above procedures and conditions have been duly noted and observed. In the almost impossible case that a code provided by us fails to work, we will require that you provide ‘video captured’ evidence that any given code has failed. The final decision on refunds rests entirely with us.


De-branding you modem should be done with caution especially with Vodafone modems! We suggest installing a Windows installable copy of Mobile Partner and if necessary disable the CDROM autorun on your PC to stop Vodafone software attempting to reload itself! Upgrading the dashboard on your modem is possible but of course entirely at your own risk! Using a copy of Mobile Partner installed from a file is the recommended method.


Note that even if unlocked, any modem operated with Vodafone software will not recognise any network other than a Vodafone operated network! Hence the need to use unbranded Mobile Partner.


Please check that you email address is working! If code not received within 24 (working) hours, check your email Spam Folder!


Feel free to email us should you have problems and we will do our best to help you. However, any information we give is given as impartial  advice and as such forms no contract between us and should you destroy your device YOU will be solely responsible for this NOT us.


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Note: If the Huawei Model Number or IMEI can not be clearly seen, then go you your connection manager and go to Tools and then Diagnostics. Both can clearly been seen then. For HiLink modems click in Settings and then Device Information.

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